About Us

Purpose Statement

The purpose of San Elijo College is to study and teach the classical works of western culture in a four year undergraduate course of instruction leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts.

Vision Statement

San Elijo College is a community of Christian scholars committed to studying the great books of the west through the liberal arts.


As a classical college, it is our objective to teach that we can know what is good, true and beautiful.  Therefore, each student will complete courses in the classical liberal arts: grammar, logic, rhetoric, mathematics, geometry, music and astronomy.

 As a great books college, it is our objective to teach students to read and study the traditional great works of western culture in a unified orderly manner, in a small community of scholar masters and student apprentices.  Therefore, every student will read the major great works of western culture.

As a college open to all, it is our objective to recruit and retain open minded faculty and students from diverse backgrounds who are committed to classical education.  Therefore, all faculty and students will demonstrate a commitment to the purpose, mission and objectives of the college.