Educational Expectations

Students at San Elijo College can expect to receive a high quality, academically rigorous four year liberal arts program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal arts.  Students can expect to have all of their classes is small class settings.  Students at the college can expect to follow a rigorous liberal arts curriculum with emphasis on the classical liberal arts.  Students can expect to read the major great books of western culture.  Students can expect four years of training in classical Latin and modern Spanish.

The college expects all students to see their San Elijo College experience as the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning.  We intend to train students to read the great books of the past in order to live well in the future.  This will be fostered by example of the tutors at the college, who have specialized degrees in their own fields of expertise, nevertheless are competent in the entire curriculum of the college.

Theological Commitments

San Elijo College seeks to maintain fidelity to historic Christian beliefs such as those held in the Nicene Creed. Therefore, the study of Christian authors and texts will be a central component of the college curriculum.

We are a college open to all students who desire a classical education in the great books tradition.  Each student can expect to receive a classical liberal arts education primarily through the reading of great books.

Faculty Commitments

For the purpose of pedagogical excellence with reference to our mission statement, as we are essentially a college, the college requires all faculty to be committed to the centrality of the objectivity of knowledge.  In order to fulfill the mission of the college, all faculty are required to maintain and teach that human beings can know what is good, true and beautiful.  All faculty are required to demonstrate a commitment to the liberal arts and reading great books in order to become well educated.  All faculty and board of directors must maintain a commitment to the Nicene Creed.

Approval to Operate

San Elijo College is currently seeking approval to operate from the State of California.  It has not yet received approval to offer degrees by the State of California.


San Elijo College will seek accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and colleges.  For more information on the process San Elijo College will take to achieve accreditation, please see:

Degree Program

San Elijo College offers one major: Classical Liberal Arts.  All students at the college pursue this major together.  The college curriculum is what unites our scholarly community.  There are three components to the curriculum

1.  The Classical Liberal Arts.  Each student will complete one semester long course in each of the seven liberal arts: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Mathematics, Geometry, Music and Astronomy, followed by a Senior Thesis directed toward any area within these classical arts.

2.  Classical and Modern Language: Each student will complete two years of classical Latin and two years of modern Spanish. 

3. Great Books Seminar: Each student will enroll in nine semester units of great books seminars each semester. These seminars begin with the great books of the ancient world and continue through the great books of the 20th century.  Non-Western great books will also be read during the fourth year of the curriculum.

College Curriculum

Area (units)

Year 1 Fall

Year 1 Spring

Year 2 Fall

Year 2


Year 3

Year 3 Spring

Year 4


Year 4 Spring

Total Units

Liberal Art (3)

Grammar (English)







Senior Thesis


Language (3)

Latin 1

Latin 2

Latin 3

Latin 4

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Spanish 4


Seminar (9)

Ancient Great Books

Grecian Great Books

Roman Great Books

Medieval Great Books

Medieval Great books

Modern Great Books

Modern Great Books

20th Century & Non-Western Great Books


Total Units